Ambient Spirit White Atlantis
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This is "Ambient Spirit in White Atlantis" by Charles Karadimos.  The entire glass body has been slumped to resemble the shape of a bottle, fitting the hand nicely.  An added specialty glass along the base of the body is in the color theme "Atlantis" in blue, yellow and green, which matches the color theme of the interior imagery.  The tapered 2-mirror system produces an exquisite 9-point image.  All the glass in the free-turning dry object cell, including lampworked glass and dry filled ampules, has been hand selected for intricacy, randomness and color balance.  This scope measures 10"T x 1-1/2" in diameter at the eyepeice end and 2-3/4" in diameter at the object cell end.  This scope is signed (C S Karadimos), dated (2015) and numbered (08).

  • Item #: k925
  • Manufacturer: Karadimos, Charles - Karascopes

Ambient Spirit White Atlantis

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