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These kaleidoscopes, "Birdhouse" by Phil Coghill are made of multiple types of wood and hang from a copper rod that is seated in a wooden base.  The kaleidoscope is removable from the birdhouse and has a dry object chamber that turns inside of the scope.  There is a 3-mirror system and they are signed and dated ('15) by the artist on the base.  These pieces measure approximately 10-1/2" T x 3-3/8" in diameter at the base.  The kaleidoscopes inside the birdhouses measure 5"T x 1-1/4" in diameter at the eyepiece end.  Beautifully crafted and quite eye-catching!  Please call the store to determine which versions of these scopes we have in stock for you.

  • Item #: k844
  • Manufacturer: Coghill, Phil


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