Chameleon Nebula
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"Chameleon Nebula" by Marc Tickle was launched in Kyoto in May 2017 and received a People's Choice Award at the Brewster Kaleidoscope Society's international convention.  This unique teleidoscope has an abundance of ethereal images generated by the 6-mirror system within the scope.  Reminiscent of stellar events captured by the hubble space telescope, the Chameleon Nebula continues to offere a very unique view of our universe.  There is a light window on top of the scope and if you move a light up and down this light window it will dramatically enhance the image within the scope and give you an entirely different view.  This scope comes in a variety of external colors and it measures 12"L x 2" in diameter.

  • Item #: k1033
  • Manufacturer: Tickle, Marc - On Reflection

Chameleon Nebula

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