Coral Reef
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This is "Coral Reef", a handheld kaleidoscope by Roy Cohen.  This scope comes in both a dry object cell version and a fluid-filled object cell version and it also comes in a variety of outer body finishes.  These scopes have a 2-mirror system and are lit internally by a UV torchlight on the top of the scope.  The light is transferred through fiber optics to the object chamber that includes silicone phosphoric luminescent soft moving objects.  The object cells for these scopes are removable and are held in place with magnets.  These scopes measure 10"L and the scope body is 2-3/8" in diameter.  Each comes with a small metal stand.  Please call the store to determine which body styles and scopes with wet or dry object cells we have in stock before placing your order.

  • Item #: k1006
  • Manufacturer: Cohen, Roy - Roy's Kaleidoscopes

Coral Reef

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