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Randy and Shelley Knapp were propted back to this design by a dear friend and career long supporter.  Jim wanted his early "TwiLight" parlor kaleiodscope refurbished.  Upon receiving his new kaleidoscope, Jim was very happy.  He commented that this early work had a lot of great attributes and Randy and Shelley should look at it again.  Specifically the size and the way it held in the hand, were very nice. So, Randy and Shelley to a second look and agreed.

The "Evolver" is the result of this evaluation.  New lamination techniques are used in the wood working.  The pedestal stand is at a new level of sculpture shaping.  The barrel has been turned on the inside to allow more room for the tapered 2 mirror system which produces a five pointed star.  The internals of the rotating head were also slightly modified.  "Evolver" is crafted out of highly figured domestic hardwoods.  The scope shown here is Zebra and Wenge wood.  A premium quality glass magnification lens makes the optics crisp and clear while viewing.

The fluid filled object cells contain individually lampworked glass by Shelley along with a few special glass pieces by Randy.  Together they create a classic Knapp image easily recognized by collectors all over the world.  The jewel tone image is breathtaking against the velvet blackness of the background.

The final touch is a hand rubbed finish which enhances the depth and beauty of the wood.  "Evolver" is an open edition parlor kaleidoscope.  There are two scopes to choose from here.  Both are signed by the artists.  One is made of Zebra and Wenge wood and is numbered (#3) and dated (2016).  The other is made of Figured Maple and Ebony woods and is numbered (#9) and dated (2018).  These scopes measures 11"T x 8-1/2"L x 5"W. 

Here is a link to a video that Randy and Shelley did where they talk about "Evolver": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDUhan5RTQM

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  • Manufacturer: Knapp, Randy & Shelly - Knapp Studios


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