Get in Gear
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"Get in Gear" is an incredible parlor kaleidoscope by Steve and Peggy Kittelson.  The barrel and round bottom base are Figured Walnut from the crotch of the tree and the column is Cherry Burl.  The gears on the column are from transmissions and the bands on the barrel are steel with steel rivets.  There is dichroic embellishment on one side of the scope.  This scope has a 2-mirror 9-point system with the 3rd side made of a patterned dichroic piece of glass to compliment the object cell colors.  There is a turning end, side-lit, fluid-filled object cell with a black background and it includes watch gear pieces, dichroic pieces and other special pieces that Peggy created.  This scope measures 15"T.  The barrel of the scope is 11-3/4"L x 3" in diameter and the base is 9" in diameter.  This scope is signed, (Peggy & Steve Kittelson), numbered (#7), named (Get in Gear) and dated (2019) by the artists.

  • Item #: k1253
  • Manufacturer: Kittelson, Peggy & Steve - Woodland Designs, Inc.

Get in Gear

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