Infinite Parallel Universes
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"Infinite Parallel Universes" is a limited edition kaleidosculpture by Steven Gray.  

Steve says about this scope: "An important part of my design process is to create a sense of mystery that invites a bystander to participate in the experience of the sculpture.  To help create this intrique, I've combined a number of finishes to create an aged look of antiquity on some of the metal parts in sharp contrast with the rich luster of the exotic wood and highly polished brass.  The openness of the filigree metal parts gives the sculpture both a fantasy creature look combined with a mechanical feel.  This edition is limited to 5."

This scope won the 2016 Peoples Choice Award a the Brewster Society Kaleidoscope Convention.

There is an innovative 6-mirror system that Steve developed for this scope.  There are 3 liquid-filled image cells with black backgrounds that rotate on one wheel providing the image source.  Finely worked lampworked glass is used in the image cell for a detailed image.  The image can be illuminated with an exterior light source side lighting the cell, or you can use the interior LEDs and light the scope from the inside, giving the scope a very different look.  The sculpture is mixed media, designed and made with  exotice woods, filigreed steel and brass designs, copper, glass, mirror acrylic and found objects.  This scope measures approximately 17"T x 10"W x 12"deep.

  • Item #: k931
  • Manufacturer: Gray, Steve - Gray & Gray Woodwrights

Infinite Parallel Universes

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