King's Ransom 3 mirror
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Henry Bergeson's King's Ransom is the "toy box" of kaleidoscopes. Bergeson is known for his innovations and in this scope he has created a beautiful piece designed to offer endless options. The removable, brass ringed cell opens to hold the dry cell objects he provides or one of the three fluid-filled cells that fit inside. With the cell empty, Kingメs Ransom is a crystal-clear teleidoscope, creating a kaleidoscopic image of the world around you. This scope has a 3-mirror system with an infinite image. It sits atop a handmade, two-tiered box - the first level contains dry cell objects; the second holds the three, fluid-filled cells. King's Ransom is signed by the artist and measures 10 1/2" long, 3 1/2" wide, and 3" high. Itメs available in two woods: Maple or Bubinga.

  • Item #: k407
  • Manufacturer: Bergeson, Henry - Blackfoot Ventures

King's Ransom 3 mirror

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