Lumie #11
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"Lumie #11" is a wonderful kaleidoscope by Randy and Shelley Knapp that is a limited edition of 16.  This kaleidoscope is inspired by the luminescent insects found deep within the rainforest that light up at night.  The body of "Lumie" is a multi-wood lamination on top of the barrel with the inlay of a glow-in-the-dark material.  This scope has wenge and purple heart as the two accent woods and the main wood on this scope is myrtle.  There are two wooden wenge feet which allow the kaleidoscope to stand on its own.

This kaleidoscope represents the first use of what the Knapp's call a "Bliss Point" mirror system.  This creates a 25% larger image in the kaleidoscope than their previous work.  The tapered 2-mirror system produces a 5-point star.  The highest quality front surface mirror is used in conjuncgion with a superior qulity glass magnification lends for a large beautiful image.  The new "thin line" eyepiece is a nice addition for easier viewing.  Inside against a black background you will find 2 new pieces by Shelley called "LumieLites".  "LumiLites" are sculpted glow in the dark pieces that add a totally new element to the image, along with Shelley's signature lampworked glass and one special Lucini piece.  This is a fluid-filled object cell lined with dichroic windows which create multiple hues of color within the object cell.  

This scope measures 7-1/2"L x 3" in diameter at the object cell end x 3-1/4"T and it is signed (Knapp), dated (2018) and numbered (11/16) by the artists.  You can follow this link to see a video by the Knapps about this fantastic kaleidoscope: .

  • Item #: k1132
  • Manufacturer: Knapp, Randy & Shelly - Knapp Studios

Lumie #11

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