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The barrel of the "Mandalator" is covered with oak wood veneer barrel with a hand rubbed finish. "Mandalator" is an experience you will never forget. The rotatable fluid-filled object cell has a brilliant array of primary colors that flash across the velvet blackness of the background. This image emerges from 23 years of lamp working experience by Shelley Knapp. She has individually lamp worked Italian glass canes and dichroic glass to achieve this image. The premium quality front surface mirror produces a five pointed star that has been intensified with magnification. The tapered 2-mirror system works to enhance the symmetry of the image. The scope is 7 1/2" long by2 1/2" in diameter and it is signed and dated by the artist.

  • Item #: k200
  • Manufacturer: Knapp, Randy & Shelly - Knapp Studios


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