Mardi Gras in Silver with Turquoise
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The Jewel Collection "Mardi Gras in Silver with Turquoise "by the artists at Paris Design was especially created for the Nellie Bly Gallery.  The large silver coated case is adorned with two intricately designed cuffs set with large hand selected and carved Campitos Turquoise cabochons from the mines of Sonora, Mexico.  The glass chamber contains the Jewel Collection Mardi Gras Palette.  The exuberant mix of festive magenta, electric blue, hot pink an crisp tangerine flashes with bright white, silver and gold.  The signature Paris Design silver arrow floats within a constellation of gems of sapphire, ruby, pearl, amethyst, citrine and topazes in Swiss Blue and gold.  The large kaleidoscope may be hand-held or viewed while cradeled in the tall companion parlor stand.  This scope has a 2 mirror system with 7 points and stands 13"T x 11"L x 4 1/2"W.

  • Item #: k662
  • Manufacturer: Paris Design

Mardi Gras in Silver with Turquoise

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