Merry Christmas
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"Merry Christmas" is a one-of-a-kind musical kaleidoscope creation by Massimo Strino that features a wonderful Santa in a fanciful motorized balloon that is covered with Swarovski crystals and complete with an elf, a bag full of goodies and a decorated wreath.  This scope has two kaleidoscopes, one with a 2-mirror system and the other with a 3-mirror system.  When these scopes are directed at the Santa Balloon they create brilliant images.  The Santa Balloon can be turned to wind the music box and as it turns it plays "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas".  Each of the kaleidoscopes has its own Swarovski crystal encrusted LED light that can be used to shine extra light on the Santa Balloon as you view it through the scopes.  The entire piece measures approximately 21-1/2"T x 25-1/2"L x 8-1/2"W at the base.  This scope is signed (Massimo Strino), named (Merry Christmas), numbered (1/1) and dated (2018) by the artist.

  • Item #: k1243
  • Manufacturer: Strino, Massimo - Imago Visual Art

Merry Christmas

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