N & J Teleidoscopes Small
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What if the entire world were your kaleidoscope? Have you ever looked through a teleidoscope? A teleidoscope is a specific type of kaleidoscope that uses a clear marble at the end of the mirror system instead of an object cell. Simply point a teleidoscope at anything of interest and the mirror system inside will make a kaleidoscopic pattern of whatever you see. This series by N & J Enterprises offers a variety of turned, wooden teleidoscopes in various sizes and exotic woods - paduk, dark rosewood, and teak with ebony eyes, as pictured (left to right). In the store, customers love learning how to take digital images through these scopes of their family and friends, and we can include instructions for you! Just ask! Scopes come with a stand and measure 5" tall and 1" diameter.

  • Item #: k317
  • Manufacturer: N & J Enterprises

N & J Teleidoscopes Small

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