Paris #1/2
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Marc Tickle named this scope after the city of Paris because it represents a city where one can find a spectacular dichotomy in design.  This city has a rich architectural heritage in 19th century styles while right up against ultra-modern designs from the 21st century.  This scope is a nod to this progressive city and the superb designs found in it.  This scope has a dichroic window at the front of the scope.  This window allows light to pass through giving the effect of a sharp 3-D spike, upon which the cupped mandala sits.  The insects are made from glass.  Marc makes half an insect and affixes it to the mirror giving the appearance of a floating or flying insect.  The pattern in the base is all hand done by Marc using geometric principles and then he renders the pattern with gold leaf, paint and pen.  This scope has a wonderful 2-mirror system and it measures 14"T x 12-1/2"L x 6-1/2"W.  The object cell in this scope is fluid-filled, free turning, and has lampworked glass, liquid and bead filled ampules, millefiori and giittery objects.  This scope is signed, dated ('15), numbered (1/2) and named (Paris) by the artist.

  • Item #: k867
  • Manufacturer: Tickle, Marc - On Reflection

Paris #1/2

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