Squeeze Me
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Squeeze Me is Steve Gray's first kaleidoscope in more than twenty years! The scope slips into the cherry base to sit as a parlor, but easily lifts to be used as a hand-held. The maple and cherry woods that Steve has used have a hand-rubbed, oil finish that bring out the grains of the wood and offer an incredibly soft feel. Squeeze Me has a 2-mirror, polyangular system with a smooth wooden toggle on the side of the barrel that's used to adjust the angle of the mirrors. The mandala can have anywhere from 5 points to 11 points. The liquid cells hold a variety of lamp worked glass - pastels to primary colors - creating dynamic, vibrant images. This scope is signed and measures 10 1/2" high and 8" deep when placed on its stand. When ordering, please indicate if you prefer bold/bright colors or pastels.

  • Item #: k419
  • Manufacturer: Gray, Steve - Gray & Gray Woodwrights

Squeeze Me

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