The Executive Junior
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"The Executive Junior" by Mark Reynolds is a kaleidoscope set that includes 3 different fluid-filled object cells.  Each of these cells creates very different and vivid images when used with this modified 3-mirror system.  One object cell contains sea shells, another contains dichroic glass pieces, and the 3rd contains lampworked glass, beads, millefiori and glitery objects against a black background.  This set comes with two black wooden stands - one for the kaleidoscope and one to hold the 2 extra object cells.  This scope measures 13-7/8"L x 2-3/4" in diameter.  Each of the object cells is 2-3/4" in diameter.  Please call the store to determine which wood options we currently have available for this scope.

  • Item #: k911
  • Manufacturer: Reynolds, Mark - Kaleidovisions

The Executive Junior

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