Whirling Fantasies
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This wonderful 3 teleidoscope open edition sculpture by Steven Gray has a frame and turntable made of Catalpa wood, the barrels are of Curly Maple and the details are in African Blackwood.  The piece is signed (Steven Gray), numbered (#19) and dated (2013) by the artist.

The frame holds three different teleidoscopes at different angles and heights, aimed at various objects that are arranged on the turntable.  The three scopes can be interchanged with one another for different viewing.  The teleidoscopes can be rotated in their holders for again different effects.  The scopes are pictured with button decorations but anything can be added to the turntable to change the colors and textures in the images.

Each scope has a different mirror configuration.  One teleidoscope is a three mirror system, one if the angles is very narrow and creates two main mandala.  Another scope is three mirror in a rectangle with the forth side being fabric, this creates a double line of rectangle images.  The third teleidoscope is quite different in that many lenses of various sizes are moving in a liquid so the image is elastic and moves in unexpected ways, this is in combination with a 5 point two mirror system.

The turntable is balanced on three brass cables and is activated with a simple turn by the hand.  As the turntable rotates it wraps itself around a brass center post and then pauses and starts its rotation back the other way and wraps up the post again.  The pulsing rotating action will continue with shorter and slower turns until it comes to a complete rest.  One medium push will run the action for about three minutes.  To start with the image is moving fast with clear details at each rest of the turntable, as the turntable slows it is easier to focus on the images.  The full cycle is fun to observe and with three different teleidoscopes there are many possibilities.


  • Item #: k558
  • Manufacturer: Gray, Steve - Gray & Gray Woodwrights

Whirling Fantasies

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